We all love the UFC and you no doubt have a few favourite fighters that you follow as they prepare for their next battle in the cage. If you are a fit and active person, you could go one step further than being an MMA fan and take up the sport at your local MMA gym. That doesn’t mean you have to reach a level where you can compete; the majority of people that train MMA do so for several reasons, self-defence and a toned body are just a couple of reasons why people take up MMA classes.

Here are a few good reasons to pay your local MMA gym a visit and see what all the fuss is about.

  1. Learn how to protect yourself – Let’s face it, we live in a violent world and you could easily be in the wrong place at the wrong time. MMA teaches you how to block punches and kicks and the local MMA gym in Reading has classes for beginners several times per week.
  2. Meet new friends – When you enrol in an MMA class, you will meet like-minded people who are curious enough to give MMA a try. If you visit a typical MMA gym in the early evening, you will feel the positive energy and everyone is really friendly. Talk to one of the instructors about taking a class and get a feel for the place.
  3. Tone up your body – As you would expect, mixed martial art training is gruelling and it works all the major muscle groups; a few months in and you will notice that your muscles are firm and this makes you feel great. Of course, the various exercises and activities teach you different things; clinching and grappling are just two of the disciplines involves in MMA.
  4. Boost your self-confidence – The fact that you are learning how to handle an opponent definitely makes you more confident, add to that an elevated feeling that comes with being in shape and you might find you have the confidence to tackle projects you would normally avoid.
  5. Lose weight – If you have a few extra pounds that you’d like to shed, MMA training is for you; the instructor assesses your level of fitness and places you in a suitable class and with structured exercises and drills, that extra weight will soon be gone, never to return.

If you like a challenge and want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, pop down to your local MMA gym and check out the vibes.