Waxing, shaving, plucking – These might be cheap ways of removing unwanted hair, but are also cumbersome, painful, messy, and complicated. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, you have to consider laser hair removal at some point. As one of the safest and popular cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal relies on laser light, which is targeted on the hair follicles. There are varied kinds of lasers used, such as épilation laser plus, and an experienced doctor is the best person to decide on what kind of laser should be used for an individual. Before you take the plunge, here are some aspects worth knowing.

How to choose a clinic for laser hair removal?

Most of the side effects related to such treatments can be minimized at a good clinic, so take your time to evaluate options. When you visit a laser hair removal clinic, ask them about the laser treatments they have. Some of the best diode lasers include Lightsheer Duet and Vectus. For paler hair, Alexandrite laser remains the most popular choice, YAg laser is great for dark-toned skin. A good clinic will have doctor and beauticians, who are trained for respective procedures and may have some experience with other treatments, such as photo rejuvenation. Talk to the experts in advance to know the laser options.

Discuss the right things

Sometimes, a particularly laser treatment may not give the results that doctors expected, and a good clinic will offer a scope to change lasers if required. You also need to know the number of sessions required for the procedure. As for the costs, it depends on the laser being used, but you can expect to get a fair idea of the pricing in advance. Most patients need at least five to eight sessions of laser treatment, and maintenance treatment may be required later. While laser hair removal does reduce unwanted hair permanently, hair may sometimes grow back because of reasons like hormonal changes, and further sessions may be required. There can be minor side effects of the procedure, such as redness, swelling, which should subside in the next 48 hours. In general, there is no downtime related to laser hair removal.

Some clinics charge more for laser hair removal than others, but keep in mind that your skin is at stake, and you would want to pay for the best possible treatment and service there is.