Actually, mixing any kind of medication with alcohol isn’t termed to be right for all. Even then people mix tonics used for curing cold and flu with alcohol to get strong effects. Sometimes, the act proves to be the cause of experiencing the side effects of the medicines. The same experience is realized by many people who mix alcohol and Dayquil. This is because some of the ingredients in the tonic aren’t suitable for getting mixed with alcohol.

About Dayquil

It is a liquid medicine that is prescribed to get rid of flu and cold symptoms. It has some compounds in its composition that reacts with alcohol creating harmful substances. Even if you are drunk and taking the tonic, you may experience its negative effects. This is because Dayquil contains dextromethorphan and acetaminophen.

Addiction to alcohol poses many health dangers, thus best to clear the addictive symptoms from the body. The USA natives can join well-reliable rehab centers nearby like Detox to Rehab and wade away alcohol addiction forever. Actually, many don’t know how bad is mixing Dayquil and alcohol.

Here are the dangers need to be aware of when taking Dayquil while you are drunk:

  • Dizziness and nauseating feeling may make you feel like vomiting continuously.
  • Fatigue and drowsiness may make you feel not to move or do any work.
  • It may damage your liver.
  • High doses of Dayquil with alcohol present in the body may boost up your blood pressure.
  • Hallucination is another problem faced by many people who have taken Dayquil dosages while having alcohol in their body system.

Actually, the presence of acetaminophen in Dayquil initiates health problems as many have it in more than the required quantity and fall prey to its side effects. Thus, being drunk adds up to experiencing the negative impact of acetaminophen quickly. It is best to have the Dayquil when you aren’t drunk.