Certain strains have taken the cannabis industry by storm, and Mochi is one of them. It is among the popular strains for medical marijuana users, primarily because of high THC content. The Mochi strain can found in most big dispensaries and remains in huge demand. For those who are interested, here is a guide to this coveted strain.

The background

Mochi is a hybrid strain. It was created by crossing Thin Mint GSC with Sunset Sherbet. It belongs to the group of cookie strains that are quite loved by marijuana users. The two strains used for making Mochi are products of GSC, or Girl Scout Cookies, strain. Sunset Sherbet, for instance, is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies&Pink Panties. Thin Mint GSC has GSC but with characteristics of the sativa-strain named Durban Poison. Basically, Mochi gains its effects from a long list of sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains in its parentage.

The experience

Mochi buds have this crystal-like surface appearance and is easy to spot, thanks to the blue and purple notes with orange hairs. As for the flavor, Mochi does have a pungent smell for sure, but has hints of mint too. In terms of effects, Mochi is more of an Indica-influenced strain and is best reserved for smoking at night. Medical cannabis users agree that this strain makes them feel happy and relaxed, and it does help those with a loss of appetite. It is usually recommended for patients who have insomnia, stress, and mental issues such as depression and anxiety. Mochi will make you feel very, often very, hungry, so ensure that you have enough to snack.

Should you considerMochi?

It really depends on what you are seeking from a cannabis strain. Mochi has high THC content and it will make you feel high, energized and happy at the same time, which probably says a lot about its popularity in the medical world. However, the best idea is to talk to a known dispensary, and their budtenders would be able to guide you on Mochi and its effects. In general, this is a nighttime strain, and you shouldn’t be planning to do a lot of things after smoking this strain.

Final word

Don’t shy away from Mochi, because it brings the best of its parentage and offers a high that doesn’t bog you down. If you have been suffering from insomnia, this one is just right!