Vein health plays a huge role in returning impure blood to the heart for purification. Veins need to struggle against gravity force in their task of carrying impure blood from the legs to the heart. There are tiny valves that close tightly in every vein. It avoids the blood from flowing backward except when valves start to leak completely fail to function. Doctors term this condition as Vein disease.

Symptoms of vein disease

  • Bulging of veins
  • Swelling of ankles
  • Heaviness in feet
  • Itching legs
  • Pain in the feet & legs
  • Thick or discoloration of the skin

Varicose veins can even cause sharp chest pain, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, fever, or cold skin then book an appointment with your doctor. The vascular surgeons at Gilvydis Vein Clinic have been helping patients around Geneva and Seymour with vascular disease management.

Simple things you need to do for keeping veins healthy

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water has many benefits but people ignore the importance of hydration. Drinking a lot of water keeps blood diluted, which helps it to travel easily via veins. Dehydration makes the blood thicken leading to clot formation and other issues. Bloating and swelling are possible due to dehydration.

Say ‘No’ to sugar

Consuming more sugary food means your body will produce low-density lipoprotein. It sticks to blood vessel walls causing a buildup of plaque. This causes clot formation that can be damaging to the arteries, veins, and heart. Therefore, say no to sugary food and add fruits and veggies in your diet.

Go for walks

Daily walks help leg muscles to contract around veins and encourage the flow of blood. Daily walking helps in keeping heart healthy and control weight. If your job is sedentary than make a habit to get up and walk around to ensure that blood is kept pumping.

Quit smoking

Smoking is not good for the lungs as it introduces toxins in the blood. The blood thickens causing narrow arteries and blood clotting. If you stop smoking not just your lungs and veins can benefit but your overall health will get enhanced.

Alternate sitting & standing 

If your job needs sitting all day then look for breaks to get up, walk, and stretch those muscles. On the other hand, if your job needs standing for hours throughout the day then find breaks to sit down and elevate those tired feet to encourage the flow of blood.

Wear compression socks

Pregnancy, chronic conditions [heart disease, obesity or work habits], and genetics can be responsible for venous insufficiency. Wearing compression socks is a good idea. It helps to contract muscles surrounding the veins, supporting the blood to flow towards the heart.