Male bladder or urinary incontinence can cause distress and physical discomfort for men and is caused by a variety of reasons. Understanding why you are suffering from male incontinence and how it affects your daily life, will help you to understand the best approaches to deal with it and how it impacts on your life. With male incontinence pads you can live your life in a greater level of comfort than you have been. Whether you require care and are suffering with mobility issues, or have just begun to suffer slight urinary incontinence, male incontinence pads can make a massive difference to your life.

What is Male Bladder Incontinence?

The medical term urinary or bladder incontinence is used to describe the situation where a person is unable to control the release of urine, or indeed hold it back. This means that urine can leak when you are not in control or in a bathroom, leading to discomfort, poor hygiene and poor body odour.

There are several types of male bladder incontinence that a person can suffer from. Stress urinary incontinence is the type of incontinence that happens when a person coughs, sneezes, or loses control of their bladder during exercise. Urge urinary incontinence is what happens when the bladder muscles contract involuntarily, whilst mixed bladder incontinence is a combination of the two.

Why Am I Suffering from Male Incontinence?

There could be many different reasons why a person suffers from incontinence. It can also affect men of all ages, with one in 20 men aged over 18 suffering from some form of incontinence. It is more prevalent in older men, with one in 10 men aged over 60 suffering with some symptoms of urinary incontinence. The most common causes of male bladder incontinence include a weakness or damage to the pelvic floor muscles, neurological conditions that impact on the voluntary release of urine, enlarged prostate glands, urinary tract infections, problems with the muscles that control the bladder, and type 2 diabetes.

What Can I Do About Male Incontinence?

There are different treatments that can improve your life when suffering from bladder incontinence as an adult man, including exercises to improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, medication, and even surgery. Each person is different, but what can be done in all cases to help alleviate the social pressure and help you feel better in yourself is the use of make incontinence pads, protective underwear and other incontinence products. Male incontinence pads are light and designed for the shape of a man, they fit discreetly in your underwear and help to control the odour that can have the biggest impact should you be suffering with bladder control issues.

As an adult make suffering from bladder incontinence issues, it is important that you understand that you can live a much freer life, without worrying about the impact that incontinence can have on your daily movements and comfort. It can be terribly uncomfortable and bring on a feeling of shame to suffer in public, but with male incontinence pads you can be covered for the day ahead, going about your business and remaining comfortable. For those of you caring for an adult male with urinary incontinence issues, male pads can help you to look after them in the best possible way, ensuring comfort, cleanliness and high levels of hygiene at all times.