A speech therapist can help with a range of issues from problems resulting from a stroke to accent modification. If you are looking for a good speech therapist in your area, there are several qualities to identify before you select one. It is a big relief knowing that there is someone there to help you or a loved one with speech therapy. Listed below are a few qualities you should look for in a speech therapist.


One of the best ways to improve your speech is to use multiple motivators during each session. Motivators can be anything, from talking about your partners favourite colour to discussing a hobby you are passionate about. Do not worry if the therapist uses the same tools in multiple sessions, if something is working a good therapist will not change it.

If you see a therapist using multiple motivators during each session, you know they are doing a good job. Using motivators during a speech therapy session helps you work towards your goals.

Using Modern Techniques

When choosing a Sydney speech pathologist, you should look for professionals who focus on up to date techniques. A good speech therapist will regularly attend conferences and continue to better their education and knowledge in the field. They should also be willing to learn from their mistakes and if one technique is not working well with you, they should quickly try another angle of approach.

Listening Skills

A first-class speech therapist has outstanding listening skills. Although they spend most of their time giving instructions, he or she should have great listening skills. It should never be all one-way traffic; the therapist should also learn to listen to the concerns of the client.

Motivation Skills

Working on your speech can be an incredibly rewarding and also frustrating experience. One day you feel everything is coming along great, the next you are struggling to reach your goals. Your therapist should not only be good at what they do, they should also be excellent at motivating you when you need it the most. They should use things that empower you in each session you have.

The points raised in this article are all important to consider when choosing a speech therapist. If you are on the hunt for a speech therapist, think about the list above and look for a professional who has all of those qualities. Some therapists are better than others, so do your research and identify the signs.